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How we help you buy

In a competitive market like ours you need a strong, assertive agent who knows how to win.

Start the search right and only see homes that fit. Anyone can ask you what areas you are looking in and how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want but the fact of the matter is that the better we can understand exactly what you are looking for the sooner we can get you into a home. Would you rather spend weeks or even months seeing 100 homes or have us ask you 100 questions before we start so you are only seeing homes that fit your needs?

We are Certified Negotiation Experts and know how to win. You have found the house you want and are ready to make an offer. Now what? Any offer is more than just the offer price. There are many other factors big and small that can make your offer a winner even if you are not the highest price. We know how to write great offers that take all these factors into account and will win with sellers. Sometimes the smallest factor can be the difference.

We will guide you through the transaction. You have come to terms with the seller and you and the seller have signed a contract for you to buy the house. Now what? This time is critical and there are many time sensitive deadlines that need to be met by the seller and by you. We will help you understand the process and keep track of deadlines and make sure we never miss one all the way up to the point where we are handing you the keys to your new home (and maybe having a glass of champagne)

OUR SERVICE NEVER RESTS GUARANTEE: We are so confident that you will love your experience in buying a home with us that at anytime before you buy you can cancel. Our highest priority is to end up with a happy buyer that will refer us to help their friends, family and coworker!

Over 30 years of combined experience. We know that there will be bumps in the road and we know how to handle those bumps and get transaction back on track.

First Time Homeowner

Looking to buy your first home?

We can help!

Feel like you can’t afford a new home?

We bet you can! We can help you understand how even though your new house payment may be slightly higher than your current rent, in the course of a year you will spend roughly the same and sometimes even less than your current rent.

Intimidated by the whole process?

We can help there too! All we need is for you to answer a few simple questions and provide some easy to access information and we are off to the races.

Tired of throwing your money away on rent each month?

We don’t blame you there. We can show you that through home ownership you can actually put that money back in your pocket and increase your net worth at the same time.

Want to start building real wealth?

Buy a home as soon as you can! And we are here to help you!!

Call, text or email us today to schedule a free consultation and let Valentine Home Sales Team help you become a home owner!

Email Us   (425) 549-9541

Shelly Valentine

Managing Broker | CNE - Certified Negotiation Expert | ASP - Accredited Staging Professional

Office Phone: (425) 549-9541

John Franklin

Agent/Licensee | CNE - Certified Negotiation Expert

Office Phone: (425) 549-9541

All of the Above with Our "Service Never Rests" Guarantee..

If you are not happy with our service, you may cancel the contract. Nobody gives you more peace of mind than we do. You may ask why we do this? We do it because we are confident you will like our service, and if you are unhappy, we would rather part ways than have an unhappy client.

- Shelly Valentine, Valentine Home Sales Team



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